About Us

The spread of democracy around the world is one of the most significant achievements of our times. Elections sit at the heart of this, making possible the act of self-determination envisaged in the Charter of the United Nations. However, in practical situations, many elections around the world are often influenced, manipulated, deadly and expensive. Based on in-depth research and experience, Wabiria Electoral Solution is designed and built to combat that prevalent election corruption and rigging that mostly happens in the developing countries and also, to some degree, in developed countries. Wabiria Electoral Solution has employed the latest cutting-edge Blockchain Technology, to operate above election corruption and help voters achieve full democracy. It is designed to circumvent known corrupt practices both manmade and natural that arise during elections,while at the same time reducing the overall costs to run elections.

Wabiria Electoral Solution operates at the leading edge of democracy technology by improving the safety, secrecy, and security of the voters, officials and everyone involved.

We make sure:
➢ Elections are regular and fair.
➢ Equal participation of women and children.
➢ Votes are of equal value.
➢ The will of the majority is achieved.
➢ The interests of minorities are taken into consideration.
➢ There is a high level of participation by the electorate/voters.
➢ The voter's privacy, secrecy, and safety are not compromised
➢ There is no election fraud or corruption
➢ Peace, normalcy, and full control of the election,
➢ Reduced running costs of an election while maintaining very high efficiency and transparency of the election.

The company was founded by Aerospace Engineer Nicholas Wabiria. Mr. Wabiria holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) from RMIT and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management from Education Engineers Australia. He has vested an enormous amount of time in research and data collection; and accrued information and much-needed understanding of electoral frauds, corruption, election-related violence, high costs to run elections and more.

There is no single model of election or democracy that is universally applicable to all countries. The stakes of any given election are different, even if it is held periodically in the same country, due to the changing forces that shape the organization or national interest and corresponding political agenda. Hence, every election is unique; defined not only by the electoral rules but also shaped by the social values, politics, religions, history, culture, and attitude of the people. Having complete understanding of all those in mind as well as his firsthand information as a child growing up from the developing world, Mr Wabiria has step-by-step developed the idea of Wabiria Electoral Solution - an innovation that simply and effectively works today!

Developing countries share similar social and cultural landscapes that influence the elections and outcomes in a very similar way. Thus it is very common from Africa to the Asia Pacific or even in the Caribbean that Electoral fraud and rigging and election-related violence are common and takes place in a similar fashion compared to the developed western countries like Australia where we peacefully vote with minimum or otherwise zero electoral frauds.

Mr. Wabiria has spent his late teenage years for education in Melbourne where he did his year 12 equivalent with RMIT University, Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering, completed in 2012. He has also spent 2 years graduate program with engineers Australia, worked with various Aerospace Companies including complete- Aircraft- Manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics and AMARDC Aerospace Consultant, Northern Civil Earthworks, etc. where problem-solving where very primary virtue in an engineering context which was his aspiration. His exposures and properly practiced- problem-solving experiences enable him to have enough confidence and knowledge he needed to let his dream of Wabiria Electoral Solution takes off.

After being a victim of election-related violence; and now educated man with understanding of importance of the democratic rights of the people, and the needs of improvement they have in the developing world, Mr Nicholas Wabiria has built this innovation. He takes a strong personal interest in all aspects of problem-solving, security and safety even in his workplace as an engineer where risk management, safety and problem-solving is day to day engineers' professional duty. That is the greatest advantage he has that impact Wabiria Electoral Solutions clients. Our company culture cultivates a meticulous attitude toward all aspects of security and risk management and complex electoral problems. Wabiria Electoral Solution has pioneered numerous vote risks and security innovations including BlockChain Technology.

We specialize in high-security online elections with one end (voters’ end) mobile phone plate form and the other end (election administrator’s end) Internet application based end where votes are received, counted, displayed and winners are automatically declared, etc. and official duties are performed. We are an international group based in Melbourne, Australia and working hard to expand our business to many nations. With few clients in 3 countries at a moment, our technology supports different electoral methods respectively and excels in complex, high-security elections and working hard to increase our client number in many countries. Our clients often comment on the outstanding flexibility and performance of the Wabiria Electoral Solution Technology and our knowledge and responsiveness of technical team and experienced election managers.

Our intensive ongoing investment in RTD/R&D has produced this voting technology innovation and we are committed to more research and more development. So far, Wabiria Electoral Solutions three Election Methods including Limited Preferential Voting (LPV), Singular- Non Transferable Voting (SNTV) and First- Past- the- Posts (FPTP) Systems. We are working on incorporating more electoral methods performable by our system which is one of those areas of our RTD/R&N.

At Wabiria Electoral Solution, we are made up of creative individuals, loyal to our clients and meticulous about professionalism, security, integrity, and reputation which we are constantly building and growing even to be better every time. Our engineers, technical men, managers, and election operators, and managers are mostly long term, in-house, full-time/permanent employees. Wabiria Electoral Solution is independent company and all our key personal and members involved have no political affiliations or interests that could compromise the independence or integrity of elections we are contracted to run, involve or paid for using our system. Though our technology is built to run government elections, we are not restricted to run non-government elections especially for companies’ corporate/directors elections, associations, churches, schools and universities student elections, communities elections and etc.

Though we give permits to the administrators to run their own elections, we directly take part or run government elections contractually to maintain transparency and responsibility with our own trusted and reliable team members who are faithful to our company’s goal to make possible the act of self-determination envisaged in the Charter of the United Nations without influence, manipulation and corruption. We have a great team that can successfully deliver with highest level of integrity and transparency. We work together with Governments’ electoral authorities and very faithful to stage very successful election events.

For non-Government elections, we send a package that includes fees, costs and steps and direction or guides on how to use our plate form. Please fill out the form and send to us and we will go from there.