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Limited Preferential Voting

  • Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) LPV is a system that is based on the principle that the winner must have the support of an absolute majority (50% + 1). Preferential voting is seen as more indicative or reflective of the will of the electors. In LPV, the voter is given an option to choose at least three candidates amongst the names on the ballot paper by placing the number “1” as the first preference, indicates the second preference with number “2” and the number “3” for the third candidate. You can choose this election method if you are running your election with LPV Election method.

FPTP System


  • First-Past-the-Post (FPP), or Simple Majority where whichever candidate received the highest number of votes is declared the winner. The voter was expected to put a single mark either (a tick or a cross) against the name of the candidate of his/her choice. You can choose this election method if you are running your election with FPTP Election method.

SNTV system

Single Non-Transferable

  • In SNTV election, each voter casts one vote for one candidate in a multi-candidate race for multiple offices. Posts are filled by the candidates with the most votes. Thus, in a three-seat constituency, the three candidates receiving the largest numbers of votes would win office. SNTV system is a voting system where each voter casts one vote for a candidate but (unlike First-Past-The Post) there is more than one seat to be filled in each electoral district. Those candidates with the highest vote totals fill these positions. SNTV can be used with non-partisan ballots.



  • Wabiria Electoral Solution can also be used for conducting community survey and etc. The First-Past-The-Post electoral methods are best suited for conducting survey but our Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) and Singular Non Transferable (SNTV) products can also be used for conducting survey.

Opinion Polling

Opinion Polling

  • Wabiria Electoral Solution can also be used for conducting opinion polling within the community and etc. The First-Past-The-Post electoral methods are best suited for conducting opinion polling. However our Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) and Singular Non- Transferable (SNTV) products can also be used to run opinion polling.

Stress tested

Stress tested

  • The software is stress tested and can run elections for millions of voters without failing. It has a provision even to have numerous candidates registered with their political parties.

Technology Features

There are related software out there in market, but what makes Wabiria Electoral Solution unique are it's features. The following features are unique and part of design processes that makes our system customized, friendly and fittingly usable in the developing countries. To addresses the issues faced during election whether financial, social, security or legal experienced mainly in developing country are our main design theme and elevate democracy is our forecast. Though Wabiria Electoral Solutions is customised software, it also has a market in Developed countries and can also be used in the developed countries whether for Government, corporate, community organisation or student elections.

Data Security

Wabiria Electoral Solution is built on blockchain technology which means temper proof and can’t be hacked. Please read part were we talk about block chain.

Administrators’ and Voters’ ends

Wabiria Electoral Solution is a two ends system; the voters’ end and the election administrator’s end. The Election Administrator’s end is internet base application and the voters’ end is mobile-phone texting base. That means the polling areas will be decentralized using Wabiria Electoral Solution and votes can be cast using the mobile phones (2G, 3G, 4G, etc) from anywhere, anytime but within the set- election start and finish time.

Vote Counting

As soon as the votes are received, the scores are automatically updated without human inference or influence.

Winners Declaration

Winners will be declared by software and the declaration can be officiated and confirmed by the authorised officer from the electoral commission office. The report of the elections will be generated and stored in the election log which can be printed in hard copies and provided to the Electoral Commission or Authority for the future references. After declaring the winner, the report stored in the election log will be published/displayed in a community board for community cross checks.

Blockchain Technology

Wabiria Electoral Solution is a Blockchain Technology-based innovation. The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology which works on the principle of peer-to-peer transaction where there is no interference of the third party. Its decentralized functioning makes it hack free and tamper-free. The immutability features of Blockchain further adds to the security of the system. All these factors prove that Blockchain Technology-based applications are a probable solution. Countries like South Korea, some Australian States and many more have accepted to run election on Blockchain. Some of the features of Blockchain that proves beneficial to Wabiria Electoral Solution or any other Blockchain-based election systems are:
- Immutability,
- Traceability,
- Decentralization,
- Peer-to-peer interaction.
When we talk about Blockchain voting, then every vote is the same as a transaction that takes place in the system. It gets entered in the ledger. All the ballots are encrypted cryptographically. Since anonymity is the key feature of Blockchain, the voter’s identity will remain hidden. Moreover, the peer-to-peer interaction will help the voters trace their votes and whether or not it has gone to the right candidate.

Vote Receipts

Wabiria Electoral Solution provides a vote receipt or feedback to voters. As soon as the vote is received, our system generates receipt/feedback to the respective voter who has voted instantly. While providing the vote receipt, the voters are confident that they have successfully voted or otherwise a reason why unsuccessful and what needs to be done to rectify. “You have successfully voted, thank you, the election is over, you cannot vote more than once”, are some of the generic feedback voters receive.

Ballot Cards

Ballot Cards contains the detail of the voters and their Voters’ Code concealed on it and can be scratched off to reveal and use. Ballot cards replace both ballot papers and boxes of traditional election methods, making it very easy and cheap for transportation. Ballot Cards can also be sent electronically to the voters registered postal address, email or mobile phone which is more ideal for developed countries.

Voters code

The system automatically generates voters’ code or voucher numbers that are redeemable by voting. The code can only be used once (or more depending on the admin’s setting) and has expiration time and date. Voters Codes are distributed manually on ballot cards or electronically through registered email and mobile phones. It can also be sent via their registered postal address.

Election Report

Automatic reports for the elections are generated and stored in an election log. The Hard copy can be downloaded from the Election log, and printable. On the report, every activity performed i.e. from the entry of voters name into the system to the declaration of winners made, votes each candidate received, from which voters and what time, voters turnout, who voted, invalid votes, etc. are detailed.

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